Provolone & Heroin

YIN YANG TAPES: Seasons (1989-1990)

Provolone & Heroin

[Intro: Wetto]
You did good, Slick
It's a Smash!
Play-Play-Play-Play-Players never die
North, North, Northside
Ay, Northside, ay

[Verse 1: Wetto]
Pull up in the Benz-uh (North), higher than a bitch-uh (North)
Northside playa getting head from a stripper (North)
Gold mouth dizz-og (North), fucking with that heron (North)
Dog food shawty, all that shit you selling stepped on (North)
Better get the fuck on (North), fuck up off the strizz-eet (North)
Pull that glizzy Glock, I make it pop and leave him deceased (North)
Took his hoe with me (North), I heard she was a frizz-eak (North)
Coke bottle physique, her pussy got a earring (North)
Let my girl fuck her (North), hit her with the strap-on (North)
Kick back likе a mizz-ack, while I get the dizz-omе (North)
Sippin' on some sizzurp (North), I can't hear a wizz-ord (North)
The chopper leave 'em leakin', put his body in the dizz-irt (North)
Banging with my folk-uh (North), face on us like poker (North)
Them boys from the Northside execute you on your sofa (North)
Mane, who want the smizz-oke? (North) I'll die for my kinfolk (North)
That pride will leave you crizz-oaked when I slide with that pistol (North)
N-O-R-T-zee (North), H-S-I-D-E-zee (North)
I ride through the city, them freak hoes show they titties (North)
Poppin' on them pizz-ills (North), pussies know the dizz-eal (North)
Wetto keep the stizz-eel, I'm too thick in vizz-ille (North)

[Interlude: Blanco Leopardo]
7th, 7th, 7th Ward
Ayy, 7th Ward

[Verse 2: Blanco Leopardo]
Bitch, I been fuckin' these bitches (7th), now I'm duckin' these bitches (7th)
Untouchable, limitless, hoe, don't fuck with my business (7th Ward)
Kermit on my wrist look slick (7th), that's sixteen thou' around my fist (7th)
Daydreamin' of money 'cause tonight I might just hit some licks (7th Ward)
Take your pick (7th), should I whip the new Benz or the '56 (7th)
Fifty nine ways to die and all of them involving $lick (7th Ward)
Sloth cleaning his pistol (7th) while I load another sixty clips (7th)
Ready to go to war, but they always end up with slit wrists (7th Ward)
I'm so sick and tired (7th) of all these fakes and liars (7th)
Thinkin' that they fire, when really they admire what we do (7th Ward)
Biting and biting (7th) 'til our style all chewed up (7th)
Now my head all screwed up (7th Ward)
I threw up on the bitch when I was fuckin' on her late last night (7th)
Wetto gave me a fenty patch, boy, I was feeling nice (7th Ward)
Drooling on myself (7th), I couldn't even get my dick up (7th)
I coulda been a mark if I wasn't so fucking cliqued up (7th Ward)
Grey Five Nine (7th), bitch, I'd die for one of mine (7th)
Southside of the Lake, I travel North to see my slime (7th Ward)
New Orleans born n' bred (7th), I'll make a dollar out a dime (7th)
Always on my toes, I keep my fingers on my nine (7th Ward)

[Interlude: Freddie Dredd]
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 3: Freddie Dredd]
I hope you recognize fuckin' with me, you will see the devil's eyes
Not alive, hear the Freddie Dredd, you better run inside
I-I got my Glockie with me, bitches always actin' shifty
I'm countin' up, think 'bout fifty, testin' me is very risky
You ain't so hard, fuckin' bitch, you fuckin' fraud
Ain't my job, teach a lesson, better count ya fuckin' blessings
I-I-I'm a boss, take the loss, if ya hate me, fingers crossed
I'm a beast, ain't the least, get to killin', it's a feast
One more time, on my grind, and I never have to find
What I'm lookin' for, say the word and bodies start to hit the floor
I think I gotta go, I'm runnin' from the time, you know
I'm Freddie Dredd, you hoe, I'm posted in the cold before
I never heard of you, pussy boy ain't got the juice
I wanna kill a fool, that's all I wanna do
Sto-Sto-Stockin' up on ammo, always ready for the next
I'm about to fuck ya life up, cause you're fucking with the best
"Freddie, please do not do it, Freddie, please can you stop?"
Nah-nah, bitch, I'm a demon and I'm runnin' on the clock

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